Thursday Twister: In Over Your Head

For this week’s Thursday Twister, I am going to ask you to do a little digging on your local craigslist/autotrader/eBay classifieds.  What we are looking for are projects where the owner is in over his head.  Why?  Because the first rule of business is that leverage is king, and if the seller is a colorblind dude who has pulled the wiring harness from his Jaguar, or anybody who has tried to pull the turbos from a 2.7T Audi without a 4-post lift…well..those guys are on the short side of the fulcrum. 

Take this next seller — here is a Volkswagen Bus Fiberglass Body with Project Go Kart offered for $600 in Los Angeles, CA…except that it’s just a fiberglass mold sitting next to a steel go kart frame.  This guy is throwing in the towel because he has realized that getting this thing complete is going to require significant fabrication and some dough.  

Take a look around (keyword project works great!) and see if you can find something that the seller needs even less than you do.  Comments below.