Thursday Twister: Giant Can

Welcome back to another episode of The Twister, a quiz with a
twist. We find some random object on eBay/craigslist/ and you
get to figure out how to make it better.  Today’s twister subject is a used Pepsi promotional jet ski trailer with a giant soda can on top, found here on eBay for $1,900 buy-it-now or make offer.

I recognize that the logical thing to do with this thing is to make it into a promotional tool and have Kim Kardashian?? Paula Patton stand next to it, but we at the Daily Turismo are firm adherents to the principle of chaos. Instead of a simple ice chest or BBQ, this thing should be turned into a mobile beef jerky drying trike.

Bolt on a custom chopper seat and forks up front, add a few paramotors out back to aid with forward progress and forced dehydration of the salted meat and you are in business…the mobile dried meat business.  What would you make with this thing?