Thursday Twister: Cold Wire A Car

Today’s Thursday Twister (it is like a hurricane without the wind or rain) comes from a special request from DT reader K2 Mystery Car who writes: Would it be possible to
make the stuff about how to kill a car permanently without leaving and
signs of tampering a feature?
I’ve got a part in my book where a car needs to be quickly permanently
disabled but other than making the engine inop, it can’t hurt any person
in or near the car and the result is that the car just won’t start. So
no fireball explosions and you can keep your C4 in your basement. Pour
something into the gas tank? Puncture the oil pan? That last one is no
good because it would take too long; can’t have the driver walk up to
the vehicle and notice a river of dinosaur juice draining into the
azaleas. So my character would have to flop on his back, punch a hole in
the pan and stand there waiting for the oil to drain. Won’t work.
Flattening the tires won’t work because that doesn’t permanently and
massively damage the ability to drive the car. Messing with the brakes
would be dangerous to a driver and any passengers, as well as any
innocent third party.

We have been assured this information will not be used in the commission of a crime, but its intended purpose is for a novel/short story/comment that K2 is currently writing.  So let’s start off where we left off in the comments on Kaibeezy’s BMW, with a few good ideas for stopping a car.  That said, please do not attempt any of the following ideas or things the commenters suggest.

I suggested a simple approach of using a set of vice grips to crimp the rubber fuel line at the filter, and an anonymous person suggested building a DIY pocket sized EMP generator, but this is where you go ahead and suggest something that we missed.

Comments below.  No rules for the Twister today, just have at it.