Thursday Twister: Blackberry’d

Anybody who was somebody back in the early 2000s had a BlackBerry phone that was designed by the company formerly known as Research in Motion (RIM).  The BlackBerry got so big that the company changed its name from RIM to BlackBerry…but it wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught from Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android).  Yesterday, RIM BlackBerry announced they were ending production of their legendary keyboard equipped smartphone lineup to focus on software, a wise choice considering that the only BlackBerry purchases in the past 2 years were from people who forgot to lock their iPhone before handing it to a toddler.  Regardless, the BlackBerry died because it refused to evolve in any meaningful way, and what was great in 1999 was no longer so impressive in 2013.  For today’s Thursday Twister, I want you to tell me what car pulled a BlackBerry.

To me, no car epitomizes the paradigm of launch-and-forget engineering like the Alfa Romeo Spider (like this 1992 Alfa Romeo Spider bidding for $5,100 here on eBay). Production started in 1966 and continued with the same basic recipe through 1994.  AlfaBerry! 

What do you think is a better car for the BlackBerry Award? Comments below.