Thursday Twister: Best and Worst

For this week’s Thursday Twister, I want you to find the best car and the worst car on your local craigslist (or ebay) using the keyword “custom.”  Good luck!

For my local craigslist, the best I could find was this 1972 Buick Skylark offered in Redondo Beach for $8,500 — only has some issues, nothing major according to the seller.

The worst is this 1996 Ford Econoline Van offered for $400 out in Joshua Tree, CA via craigslist.  It isn’t a bad deal — $400 for a van that has custom painted landscapes on the side…but the “worst” part is that you are going to get murdered when you show up with your $400.  Take a look at the back — that is where they are going to lock you (notice that the security screen is on the inside of the windows…) and then take you out to some empty stretch of desert and dig a hole.  Maybe you’ll dig your own hole.  Who knows.

What is your best and worst?