Thursday Twister: Badges From The Birthday

In case you missed the crazy DT birthday celebration from last week, let me give you a quick recap.  We published 100 cars in 5 days, with a focus on iconic designs from each year/decade/era.  DT’s logo guru Kaibeezy put together an awesome set of badges/graphics for this celebration and I didn’t want to miss the chance to investigate those pixels a bit. In case you wanted to know more about the badges, we’ve put together this quiz — and the person with the best answers gets a prize.

1. What is this?

2. Identify this building and tell us something interesting about it.

3. Name designer and post a pic (or link) to another of his designs.

4.  What make/model of plane is this?

5. What is the most impressive stat about this plane?

6. What is this and where did it go?

7. Whose roller skates are these?


8. What are the little pink/red dots in the lower left?

9. What is this device called?

10. Name a piece of technology that has had as much impact but was as boring as the iPhone.

11. What can I do to divert an 11 year old from playing minecraft 24/7?

Just stick your answers in the comments below.