Thursday Twister: Alphabet Game

Time to see if we can break the website (again).  Today’s Thursday Twister is a game of skill, courage, and perseverance…okay that isn’t true.  Mostly, you need to know how to spell.  Here is how it works, we are going to go through the alphabet, one letter at a time (starting with A…then B….all the way to Z…) and then starting with A again with car model names.

I will start.  A4.

Next someone puts in a comment with a car that has a model name starting with B.  Easy…right?  If you comment at the same time as another commenters, just get on with it and get to the next letter.  Also, try and reply to the top of the comment thread instead of replying to an individual comment, unless you are arguing a point. Remember to hit F5 and/or refresh your browser frequently.