Thugs Have Feelings Too: 1973 Dodge Coronet

Across the landscape of American cinema and television, the bad guys on the screen have been written into some bland cars.  Of course, there are exceptions — that Charger in Bullitt or Auric Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce Phantom — but for the most part, villains, from over confident murderers on Columbo to tweed jacket wearing thugs on the Rockford Files, have almost always driven boring 4-door sedans.  But I understand, if you are a trying to avoid suspicion from Ponch and Jon you’d better drive something that is low-key — but with a meaty V8 and some ramming power.  Like this 1973 Dodge Coronet offered for $4,000 in Lakewood, CA via craigslist.

For a few grand you get a classic shade of 70s brown (ooohhhh yeahhhh) and a 1 owner 318-V8 equipped piece of Mopar history with only 32k miles on the odometer.  Yes…it does have 4-doors…but I’d drive this every single day of the year.

See a better car to lose 5 hubcaps in a hectic car chase?