Thorsday Thorsday Thorsday! 1965 Volvo Amazon 122S

Remember back a few years ago when that pistachio colored Volvo Amazon sold for some nutrageous price and it looked like the Amazon market was going pecans?  Yeah.  It turns out that some rampant price speculation had batted the bidding on that out of the park, and Amazons are still the decent looking, budget classics they’ve been for decades.  Find this 1965 Volvo Amazon 122S here on eBay bidding for $9,000 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go, located in Pittsford, MI.

And that is the real truth about the Amazon — it was a 50’s styled car (designer Jan Wilsgaard claims the design was inspired by a Kaiser) sold though 1970 and never out to be some pretentious sports car.  It didn’t have a big V8 like a Mustang, a DOHC engine like an Austin Jensen-Healey, or the reflexes of a Porsche 914 — and it wasn’t supposed to.  

What the Amazon/122S did have is a 1.8 liter pushrod B18 inline-4 good for 100ish horsepower and mated to a basic 3-speed auto (although the 4-speed manual would be my choice) that put power to the rear wheels.  No fancy whiz-bang gadgetry or smoke screens (unless the valve guides are done), just an honest 2-door family sedan.

This example is in good shape and seems like one of the better examples you can  find…but I don’t think the seller will get much more than the current bid because of the slushbox…but I could be wrong.  If I could tell the future, I’d be picking Powerball numbers instead of used cars.

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