Thorsday Success Story

Two days before Thorsday we posted an ad for a nice looking ’67 Amazon coupe — and DT reader/commenter Clark picked it up for what we think was a great price.

His words: “I also thought it would go a bit higher. That it SHOULD go a bit
higher. With a minute or so left in the auction I threw out my first
bid to bump up the price to where I thought it should be, and wouldn’t
you know – I just bought myself a Volvo!  I’d been watching the
bidding from the beginning without bidding. With about 20 minutes left
my wife, bless her heart, said, “You should bid on it!” This one will
replace the ’63 122 beater I had to sell years ago. I’m looking forward
to picking her up and perambulating back to Austin, Texas.”

We wish Clark the best of luck with his new purchase and look forward to hearing stories of Helga’s journeys and demand regular youtube videos of Clark singing the “Old Volvo Song”. We would love to get additional photos and pics of the ride home. Clark if you are reading this – just email them to

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