Thorsday Success, 1800ES Arrives in Florida

We are happy to report that the 1800ES wagon we featured on Volvo Thorsday #1 has arrived at the home of DT reader and new owner, doctordel. He is already enjoying the car and has his eye on a few options for more power. We wish him the best with his new pride & joy! His words below…

Here it is in the driveway last week, just before the wrath of Isaac…”

“Yes, it’s certainly not fast by today’s standards but it drives exactly as it should. The sound and feel of the four banger seem just right for the size of the 1800es. Now, that being said I won’t lie and say I haven’t checked out some LS1 conversion stories on the Volvo forums. There is one particularly tasty build going on at swedespeed using the LS1 and some fabricated front and rear ends that just look amazing. I have been poring over my ES for the last several days, now that Isaac has moved on, and have only found a few minor issues to address. I plan on rotating it in as one of my DD, which means I know I’ll be looking for more power soon. That’s pretty much how things seem to always turn out with my cars…

I’ll be posting updates on the enevitable mods my ES will be seeing but I plan on keeping the appearance competely stock. It just looks so right exactly how it is.”

The custom P1800 build referenced above is here on the Swedespeed Forums, and the builder has also posted here on the Turbobricks forums. The shop is Swedish Ops, and they are also working on a “pro touring” Amazon build, and another P1800 coupe for a customer. Hopefully their products will be available soon; we have been following these builds, and they seem to be unique in the vintage Volvo world.

Doctordel: please keep DT updated with progress on your sweet ride!