This Isn’t A: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback 3/4 Kit

I can’t tell you exactly what this next thing started life as, but I can tell you that it it isn’t a Mustang Fastback, in kit form or otherwise.  The ONLY thing it shares with the Mustang Fastback (’67, ’72 or otherwise) is that it has 4-wheels and a fastback style rear glass window (but Ford didn’t pull their window from a scrap pile out behind the nearest Home Depot.)  Find this not a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback 3/4 Kit offered for $2,500 CAD ($1885 USD at time of publication) in Toronto, ON via  Tip from John.

The classic Mustang Fastback is known for a few things, and among them is NOT a forward hinged hood or pontoon style fenders.  If this thing is a Mustang, then DT is a Kashmirian dating site.  But, I have been told that I am sometimes a bit old fashioned when it comes to newfangled things kids say, so maybe if this pile of parts says it is a Mustang, then perhaps it IS a Mustang and who am I to say it isn’t and shouldn’t be given a best of show trophy at the next Mustang meetup.

I’m not sure what kind of car parts we are looking at…BUT…I bet someone in the comments can identify it.  I am thinking Triumph based on the forward hingedness and rear haunches…but…I dunno…

What in the world is this thing? Comments below.