The Weiner, Schnitzel or Spatzel? A Collection of Decrepit BMWs From Zach

DT E-i-C Vince: It seems that everybody is putting together fantastic lists of classic junk from their local craigslist.  Apparently, Alaska is not only a great place for changing the name of your local hill, but it is also a great place to pickup a derelict cheap BMW.  Take it away Zach Z! 

— Tips and words by Zach Z.

So you love 80s/90s BMWs and you’ve got more time and money than you know what to do with? Do you pickup an E36 M3 project, an E34 5-series wagon, or an E30 325iX?  Why not dive into a 1998 E36 M3/4/5 project for $7,000

Think of it as a purple, $7000 lego set, awaiting assembly, with hopefully better than marginal bagging and tagging. The list of fun bits holds some promise.

Want a bigger challenge? Why not a 1992 BMW 525i touring euro spec offered for parts, but you could probably buy the whole enchilada for cheap.

What’s a non-running inline six between friends? The ad copy is a bit confused – it’s either for sale if you have the means to get it back on the road or else for parts, if you don’t?

“It does not run at this time and will need work to get it running … so please do not call if you do not know what this wagon is and have no means to get it back on the road. I have changed my mind on selling this wagon and would like to part it out”

Lastly, with winter around the corner, maybe the comfort of AWD is what you need, and Messrs. Viscous and Coupling will work with you on this 1988 BWM 325iX offered for $5,000 in Wasilla until something breaks. And it will, eventually immediately.  

’88 was the first year for these, and they were slightly higher spec than the later years of production. I test drove an auto-box version of one of these and have to think the six speed would help things greatly. The owner notes the usual stuff after 25 odd years in existence –

“There’s a few “old car” issues like some dash lights are on that don’t need to be and a rear power window isn’t working. Someone did knock the front bumper in a parking lot and it bent the quarter panel a bit (see pic). Could go for new shocks/struts….you know.”

Which would you pick? The weiner, the schnitzel or the spatzel?

DT: Big thanks for Zach for putting together this mashup — I’ll take the spatzel with a size of liverwurst please!!