The Sixth One: 1983 VAZ 2106

I generally don’t post many Lada or VAZ built cars, not because of the whole Ukraine-Russia war thing that’s going on right now, but because I personally haven’t had any experience with them and wouldn’t typically recommend a car designed by Fiat in the 60s and assembled behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980s. I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t drive something that scored zero stars out of four on the Russian ARCAP safety test, because I’m certain it wouldn’t drive for a long enough period of time to put you or your family in any significant danger. Some of these were built in the Ukraine, so I guess you could paint the bottom half yellow and flex on your neighbor who just put up a homemade Ukraine flag in his window, but I feel that most people have moved on to virtue signaling about something else at this point in time. Find this 1983 VAZ 2106 offered for $10,500 in Oshkosh, WI via spaceforce metabook.

From the seller:

Anybody interested in an 83 2106? 38,000 original kilometers, beautiful condition, 1600 cc. Asking $10,500, car is located in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Car has new radiator, also have the original steel wheels and hubcaps. car originated in Rozdilna UA, 15 km from Moldovan border

See a better way to drive square?