The Mystery Machine: 1967 Ford Econoline Van

I never got into the Scooby Doo thing, but from what I understand it was an animated precursor to X-Files, where you think everything is freaky ghosts/aliens, but in the end it is just the CIA or a wealthy crooks messing with people. Except instead of Gillian Anderson, the smart person on the show was a talking dog. It doesn’t sound that good when I put it on paper, but regardless, there are lots of people who enjoy making tribute versions of the so-called “Mystery Machine.” Find this 1967 Ford Econoline Van Mystery Machine offered for $17,800 in Carrolton, GA via facestery machinebook. Tip from Matt.

From the seller:

1967 Ford Econoline Van
Listed 4 weeks ago in Carrollton, GA
About This Vehicle
Driven 86,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Turquoise · Interior color: Purple
Fuel type: Gasoline

This vehicle is paid off
Seller’s Description
1967 Ford Falcon Scooby Van
New brakes all around, new starter, new battery, new tires and rims, new carpet. In-line 6 cylinder 3 speed on the tree

It does have some rust!

Everything works on this van.

$17,800 OBO

See a better car for a scooby snack run?