The Kollector: 22 Chyrlser LeBarons & Town ‘N’ Country

Owning one Chrysler LeBaron can be easily described as an accident.  Owning two…well, it is simple to do maintenance on your cars when you just order two of everything. Sure, it’s the automotive equivalent of having twins.  Three LeBarons and you are starting to get into from “paint your eyelids with little open eyeballs” levels of freakishness, BUT 22 different Chrysler LeBaroni in convertible only?  That is a whole new ball game of celebrity toenail clipping collections and hairdolls levels of insanity.  Find this collection of 22 Chyrlser LeBaron convertibles 1983-1986 offered for $500 to $2000 depending on condition.  Tip from Matt C.

When an addict hits rock bottom, he has to ask himself “how did I get here?”  And the answer is that it starts with a few innocent drinks, pot brownies, hits on the crack pipe, or K-cars.  Soon everybody knows you as the guy who doesn’t seem to work anymore, but just hangs out in your driveway working on your K-Car without a shirt or shoes.  

“What happened to Jimmy”  your old friends ask.

“I heard he started hitting the K-pipe hard after he lost his job at the Quick-E Lube”

“He’s got tracks…on his lawn that are perfect match for K-car”

“Yeah…that ain’t good”

“He was in that program for a while, where a doctor prescribes you Town & Country as a safer alternative…but it didn’t last the minute he got back out on the street”

“Bogus…do you think he’d want to sell any of them?”

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