The Glass Is Half Fulvia: 1970 Lancia Fulvia Berlina

Today is the day after the 4th of July — the day when the inevitable Independence Day hangover rears its ugly face and we clean up the discarded piles of sparklers, spangles, and banners.  Around here we use it as a reminder of why you should be proud to be an American, but that you don’t always need to drive an American car.  Maybe you’d be better served by an Italian car.  Find this 1970 Lancia Fulvia Berlina offered for $9,500 near Austin, TX via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The Fulvia Berlina is one of those classic old cars that will charm you with style, character, and class — it’ll leave you stranded, but you will sneak a peak over your shoulder as you hoof it to your destination.  The Lancia V4 engine can trace its roots back to the 1920s, but the 13-degree 1.3 liter version in the Fulvia was the final version and produced 87 horsepower in USA spec.

See a better way to drive a simple -but complicated – classic?