The Future Was Here: 1984 Buick 10 Autocycle LiteStar

We were supposed to have flying cars by now.  Everyone promised it.  I’ve watched Blade Runner and Running Man many times (both were set in a 2019 future) and they showed all kinds of hovering and flying cars, but here I am and the closest thing is a LiteStar/Pulsar that was built in the 1980s.  If we could just convince these millennials to stop playing Fortnite and focus on engineering flying cars, I’d by floating around in the sky right now instead of hacking on a keyboard.  Find this 1984 Buick 10 Autocycle LiteStar offered for $22,500 in Gainesville, FL via hemmings. Tip from BP. 

From the seller:

Location: Gainesville FL 32601, Florida, 32601

VIN #: SC1411EA08281

Transmission: Manual

Condition: Excellent

Exterior: Silver 

Interior: Black 

Seller’s Description:

1984 Buick 10 Autocycle LiteStar,

F16 Fighter Jet 1984 LitestarAutocycle. Powered by a 1200cc Honda Goldwing motor. Has real airplane instrumentation! Seats 2 people in traditional fighter jet style seating. Canopy goes up and down like a jet. Was restored in 2016 by previous owner. Great show piece if you like jets and is in great shape! Titled as a motorcycle and has clear title. Is 16ft long, 6ft wide and 1146lbs. This is number 134 of 346 ever made.

Price: $22,500 obo 

See a better way to drive the future?