The Future Is Now: 1974 CitiCar Diesel

The other day, it was announced that California is banning the sale of new internal combustion powered passenger cars after the 2035 model year and I wish I could say that I was upset or going to protests and try and save the V8 with manual gearbox. But I don’t buy new cars, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight, and pretend that the ban won’t affect me…at least not right away. I’ll continue to drive used gas/diesel cars until all of the used infernally combusted things become banned or collected to the point where I can’t afford one. Then I will be forced to ride in a state provided self-driving GoogleAmazonAppleTarget cube car that will take me to an authorized soylent green feeding station when I have enough social credit score to take the family out for dinner. But if you don’t want to wait for that awesome future, and you want to experience it TODAY, then I suggest you buy this next car and pay an unreliable lunatic to drive it for you. It will simulate that experience to the tee. The future is going to be awesome. Find this 1974 CitiCar Diesel offered for $2000 in Oak Ridge, NJ via metaslash virtualbook. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

CitiCar Diesel Mini Car
$2,000$2,200 · In stock
Listed in Oak Ridge, NJ
Used – Good

1974 CitiCar Diesel. This car started out as an electric car, that has been converted to diesel. Has a 10hp Hatz Diesel engine under the hood. Brakes were recently done. Pretty good shape overall. Goes about 40 mph. Would be perfect for a flat area like the beach etc. (It’s not ideal for hills) It was built for fuel efficiency and supposedly will get 100 mpg. It is fully street legal, have clean NJ title in hand. Very cool vehicle and a head turner for sure. Open to trades for atvs, mowers, and anything else.

See a better way to drive something from the future?