The Future From The Past: 1970 Volkswagen Concept Car

File this next car under oddball because I’m not sure what to make of it. It is sold via Kijiji by an outfit that calls itself the Guild of Automotive Restorers in Ontario but they have nothing about the car on their website and the internet in general seems devoid of any info on the supposed 1970 Volkswagen Concept built by a California design firm. In fact, the only other reference I could find about the car was a posting on the Guild’s facebook page from 2017 of somebody named Billy trying to get the “VW Concept” running. However, it has some seriously groovy looks and could be an interesting auto archaeology project for someone with time to dig. Find this 1970 Volkswagen Concept Car offered for $5000 CAD ($3738 USD) in Bradford, Ontario, Canada via Tip from MNMunky.

From the seller:

This was built by an unknown person on a Volkswagen Beetle floor pan. History unknown, but weird and wonderful. Has been in storage for many years

See a cooler way to drive something totally off beat?