That’s Mr Silvertop To You: 1985 Toyota MR2

The first generation Toyota MR2 was an game changer of an automobile.  It introduced the world an affordable mid-engine car that wouldn’t rust into the earth or break down weekly (ahem…Fiat X1/9…cough) and it was fabulous. Find this 1985 Toyota MR2 offered for $3,300 in Phoenix, AZ via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The first generation Toyota MR2 was a lightweight 2-seater built from
1984 to 1989 with a small inline-4 engine that could be optioned with a
small Rootes-type supercharger good for145 horsepower, but today’s runabout has 20 valve 4AGE silvertop engine with a blacktop ECU conversion which should make more than the stock 160 horsepower.  Unfortunately this car is also equipped with giant wheels, some cheap coilovers, and peeling paint.

See another car with removable steering wheel?