That’s Mister Two To You: 1988 Toyota MR2

When I saw this next car I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of options, at first. It doesn’t have the supercharger, it doesn’t have AC or even a wing. But then I remembered what you’d be cross shopping against, which is an Iron Duke powered Fiero or a Fiat X1/9. Yeah. At least this thing will run when you need it. Find this 1988 Toyota MR2 offered for $4995 in Syracuse, NY via Tip from JR.

From the seller:

About my MR2
1988 Toyota MR2 – 5 speed, sunroof, AM/FM/CD – 117,818 miles. Body is in relatively good condition for a 34 year old car that is driven daily 6 months of the year (stored winters). A bit of corrosion on the left rear wheel opening, small ding and crack in paint on left front fender, a white stain on the trunk lid along with other minor imperfections for a 34 year old daily driver. Tires have less than 19,000 miles on them. Mechanically in good condition. As part of routine maintenance, the timing belt should be replaced every 60,000 miles. It was last replaced at 59,000 miles and is due for replacement again at 119,000 miles. Fun to drive, never abused, and always maintained as needed. Feel free to ask any questions and/or request more photos before making an offer. Note: Listing shows 1 accident. I was rear-ended several years ago. The only evidence of the accident was a light imprint of the license plate of the vehicle that hit me on the bumper. There was no physical, mechanical or structural damage and no repair was done or needed. No warranty is expressed or implied.

See a better way to drive mid-engine?