Targa Acquired? 1976 Volkswagen Beetle

For years the 911 Targa was a less desirable Porsche, purists despised it for the floppy chassis, questionable weather protection in the best of conditions, and awkward styling — but with the recent revival of the Targa, it seems that they are cool now.  Hey, I can go with times, the kids like that Rock and/or Roll music, I’m hip, I can boogy, swing my hips — but I can’t afford 100 grand on a Porsche — what about this 1976 Volkswagen Beetle Targa custom offered here on thesamba for $10,500 located in Anderson, SC. Tip from Rod444.

The thing that made the original 911 Targa unique was the silver or black painted roll-hoopesq accent piece directly behind the driver’s head, and the window glass wrapped around — so this Volkswagen is less a traditional Targa and more like one of those wacky Baur Targa conversions.

Apparently this isn’t just the work of some hacksaw wielding garage dweller, but was a built as a promotional vehicle for VW of America and has less than 500 miles on the odo.  The seller shows a picture of a detailed spec sheet that includes some info on “Der Motor” but also includes the fun fact that this thing has spent the pass 33 years in a climate controlled aircraft hanger. 

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