Take The Long Road Home: 1970 GMC Suburban Custom

I was just saying to my best friend...okay, that’s a lie, I was talking to myself again…anyway, I was just saying the other day that the original 3-door Suburban C10/20 would be a great beast for towing a racecar, but I just wish I could get one with a custom extended pickup bed and 14 wheels. What luck! Find this 1970 GMC Suburban Custom on craigslist located in Alsip, IL. Tip from Matt.

It is difficult to tell in the satellite view portrait pictures, but it appears that someone grafted a tri-axle truck rear end on the back of a Suburban to make a seriously long machine.  A close inspection of the bed-burb intersection for craftsmanship and corrosion is in order, lest your first interstate trip end with the cab in one state and the bed in another…

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