Dumb and Dumber To Movie Car: 1985 Zamboni V8


As a young hockey loving kid, I always enjoyed the methodical way that a good Zamboni driver re-surfaces an ice rink with minimal overlap and maximum efficiency. There is something satisfying about seeing that freshly smooth ice and there is nothing better than being the first set of skates to chop into the virgin ice and leave a trail of curved lines and fresh shaved ice. It is quite possibly the opposite feeling of watching a Dumb and Dumber movie sequel, which leaves you in a state of wanting a time machine to go back and correct your path that lead you to this dark corner of the multiverse, but driving a movie prop Zamboni with a V8 from one of those Dumb movies…maybe that’d be worth it. Find this 1985 Zamboni V8 offered for $15,000 in Sylmar, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!