Down Under: 2005 Ford Falcon XR6T Ute


This next car comes from all the way around on the other side of the globe in a little place called Australia. Actually…it isn’t little at all. It is roughly the size of mainland USA from Los Angeles to Cleveland, but with the population of Texas. The result is a population density that is only beaten by Mongolia and Namibia if you are looking for places with wide open spaces. However, the people in Australia are car crazy and love horsepower and rear-drive beasts even if they no longer produce automobiles in their own factories thanks to Ford and GM. (Enjoy this tribute the the Australian car industry rock video from Grindhouse…but be warned you’ll see a lot of fat/hairy shirtless dudes past that click. Don’t say I didn’t warn you in the comments). Enjoy this tribute to the old days of Holden and Ford with a turbocharged inline-6. Find this 2005 Ford Falcon XR6T Ute offered for $7500 AUD ($5329 USD) in York, Western Australia via gumtree.