More HP Than Sense: 2010 BMW X5M


I know what you guys are gonna say…or at least think. Too many BMWs. That might be true. But, unlike those other car sites, where they hype up the value of certain cars by continually featuring them, here at DT, we feature cars and their values go down. Just look at the Fiero market today and compare it to a few years ago…not to mention what we’ve done to the El Camino-d custom market, you can thank me later (I accept cash, venmo, paypal, and car parts). But for now, all you need to know is that your wife is gonna think this is a perfectly acceptable family hauler for taking the kids to school, but you know its got a twin turbo 547 horsepower V8 that’ll catapult this thing across a center divider and upside-down in a ditch quicker than you can say Tiger Woods. 0-60mph…yup FORE seconds!! Tiger might have been driving the new Genesis SUV, but the X5M was the original SUV that was faster than it should have been. Find this 2010 BMW X5M offered for $19,500 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.