Short Beetle Pan: 1966 Volkaro Kit Car


Tipper Rock On sent this car in almost a month ago, and I’d mostly forgotten about it until I stumbled onto it in one of my late night peanut butter whiskey fueled search fests — and (this might be the Screwball talking) but I want this thing. Does it have an engine — naw! You can source your own. But it is a Volkaro, which is the Ferrari Dino-ish looking kit car from the twisted mind of some wannabe Bruce Myers. There isn’t much info available on the web when you search for Volkaro (DT’s article shows up 4th in the listings when you put the term “VOLKARO” into duckduckgo, for what it’s worth) but there is probably some guy living in the high desert that can tell you all about the genesis of the Volkaro and who built them and…but he doesn’t have the internet because he is afraid of getting COVID or the CIA in his computer. Anyway…you don’t need to know the history of Volkaro to know that you still should buy this 1966 Volkaro kit car offered for $2500 in Desert Hot Springs, CA via craigslist.