LS Swapped Wagon: 1998 Volvo V90


The 900-series platform was the final iteration of Volvos front-engine rear-drive sedan/wagon platform that started with the 140-series in 1967 (which itself was derived from the Amazon/120 platform which launched in 1956 based on the previous PV444…you see where this is going). Regardless, the V90 was the final name put on the back of a rear-wheel-drive Volvo with properly positioned drivetrain and the only logical choice if you want to shove a V8 under the hood and chew anybody’s ass from 20 to 100. This might not be the legendary third Newman-Letterman V8lvo, but it is offered for a price that isn’t insane and should be great to haul around your family. Find this 1998 Volvo V90 with LS-swap offered for $13,900 in Laguna Niguel, CA via craigslist. Tip from Cory.