Citroën Power: 1984 Tri-Hawk 3-Wheeler


This next car is an interesting piece of work…and where it gets really interesting is when the seller says it has a 4-cylinder aircooled engine, but it isn’t a VW. So, who else built air-cooled 4-cylinder engines that could be easily adapted to drive the front wheels of an oddball? How about Citroën? They made a car in the 1970s-80s called the GS (and later the GSA) that fit the bill and a crazy man named Lou Richards designed this thing and Hawk Vehicles in California that built about 100 of these things before the rights were apparently sold to Harley Davidson. Find this 1984 Tri-Hawk 3-Wheeler offered with a starting bid of $10k in Boerne, TX via eBay. Tip from Hugh.