The Future Was Then: 1989 Buick Riviera


I wonder if people who purchased the touch screen equipped ’89 Riviera thought that they were living in the future. iPhones and touch screens might be commonplace today, but back in 1989, only NASA and Hollywood studio sets had touch screens, so buyers of the Buick Riviera and Reatta were living in the future with a touchscreen CRT display that controlled the stereo, AC, fan, and heater. Unfortunately, the future was very uncomfortable because the touchscreen was buggy and prone to sticking the heater full on or full off exactly when you didn’t expect or want it…not exactly desirable, but as an automotive oddity, I love to have one. Find this 1989 Buick Riviera offered for $2500 in Woodstock, NY via craigslist. Tip from Cory.