Seat Belt Blues: 1989 Chrysler Conquest TSI


I made a list of the ten things I need in a car in 2020 the other day and this next car is extremely close to hitting every single one of those points…but I should have added something about no moving seat belt anchors. Who ever thought it was a good idea for the shoulder portion of the seat belt to slide on a track was added safety should have been banned from designing car parts for life. This was as stupid an idea as the vinyl roof or a fake hood scoop…except it could get you killed or worse. However…I do like a good Chrysler Conquest/Mitsubishi Starion/Dodge Conquest…so I guess I’ll give this one a pass…but mostly because it is a proper color instead of some shade of white/grey/silver/black. Find this Chrysler Conquest TSI bidding for $6,100 in Palm Harbor, FL.