Muppet Bordello: 1978 Pontiac Firebird Redbird


Redbird? What’s a Redbird? I know what a Firebird is, but I’m not familiar with this Redbird…at least that’s what went through my head when I got this next tip from Rock On! A quick internet search later and I was an expert on Pontiac’s Colorbird offerings from the malaise era…if I could believe anything from a site curated by a hitman or another optimized for Netscape Navigator. It appears that Pontiac sold special colored versions of their TranAm starting in ’77 with the blue Skybird, followed by the ’78-’79 Redbird and ending with the ’80 Yellowbird. Today’s feature is a Redbird, which was only available with a Roman Red exterior, red cast alloy wheels, and Muppet Bordello Red interior. The number of Elmos that were tickled to death to finish that interior sickens me. Find this 1978 Pontiac Firebird Redbird offered for $6500 in Everette, WA via craigslist.