Time Traveler: 1998 Nissan Quest


I don’t mean any disrespect to minivan collectors, but I cannot believe that someone kept a 90s Nissan minivan in this good of shape. I love minivans, I own one as the wife’s daily driver, and these things live a horrible life of soccer ball dents, door dings, baby vomit, dog hair, hot sun, and the weekly Costco parking lot shopping cart derby — because a minivan are the sweat pants of the automotive world. You can find Elvis’s sequin covered suit at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, but you couldn’t give his sweatpants away to your local Goodwill. I just can’t understand how this car survived the years of abuse that EVERY minivan gets, and therefore I conclude the only logical answer; time travel. Occam’s razor, meet Elvis’s sweatpants. Find this time traveling 1998 Nissan Quest offered for $3000 in Hercules, CA via craigslist.