Somebody Save Me! 1986 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer XJ


This next Jeep Cherokee Pioneer is from the early years of the XJ generation of the unibody Jeep Cherokee and it looks surprisingly well cared for. Unfortunately the seller of this XJ reports that it won’t pass smog, it needs a timing belt, and the check-engine-light is flickering. Also known as flashing — as in, something is wrong NOW. An OBDII scan tool is worthless with this ancient thing, but there is certainly a way to get the engine controller to give up its launch codes, usually involving mashing the gas pedal in a certain way on startup…I don’t know Jeep CEL diagnosis and am too lazy to duckduckgo it. But this thing is in WAY too good condition to be turned into the California smog authorities for whatever they pay for scrap junkers these days and it needs somebody to rescue it. Find this 1986 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer XJ offered for $3800 in San Francisco, CA via craigslist.