Stiletto Pinto: 1977 Pintera GT


Long before there was pinterest, there was Pintera. Okay…I gotta admit..I have a DailyTurismo pinterest account, but I don’t know what pinterest is. Haven’t a clue. There is something about pins and boards and supposedly it is a good place to share recipes or floral arrangements…but there’s also pictures of cars…anyway…pinterest I don’t understand, but the Pintera…THE PINTERA, I understand. Take one Pinto, on V8 Ford engine, and 60 cubic bushels of fiberglass resin from a company called Stiletto, and you get…PINTERA. Whisper it now. Pintera. Little bit louder now…Pintera…little bit louder now…Pinnnnn…ter…aaahhhh. You understand now too. Find this 1977 Pintera GT offered for $5500 in Pasco, FL via craigslist.