Insane People Carrier: 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette OSV


Do you remember the Oldsmobile Special Vehicle program from the 1990s…no don’t worry, your memory isn’t going bad, you probably don’t remember it because it was a memorable as your Great Aunt Barb’s green bean casserole at Thanksgiving dinner…but think of the Silhouette OSV as if that green bean casserole had been spiked with a heavy dose of Carolina Reaper chili peppers. Because that is what Oldsmobile did at the 1999 SEMA show, they produced a few concept Olds speed machines, an Intrigue, an Alero, and a Silhouette. Somehow Oldsmobile managed to build at least 3 concept Silhouettes before the bean counters at GM’s corporate HQ shut them down and redirected them back to producing more hospital cafeteria menu cars. Regardless, you can buy one for next to nothing. Find this 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette OSV offered for $8,588 CAD ($6,717 USD) in Kelowna, BC, Canada via Shout out to Hagerty for finding this oddball.