Holden Monaro: 2006 Pontiac GTO


I can’t help be feel a certain sense of sadness whenever I see a fifth generation (2004-2006) Pontiac GTO…or more accurately, a 3rd generation Holden Monaro. The GTO/Monaro was a product of the indiscriminate globalization we’ve experienced in the past few decades, but in a good way. It gave us in the USA a chance to experience some Australian goodness, some good old fashioned fun from the land down under…but it ended with the shuttering of the Elizabeth, South Australia plant in 2017 and the inevitable announcement that GM was killing the Holden brand after the 2021 model year. GM will continue to sell cars in Australia, but they will come from plants in Korea, Thailand, Canada, Germany, and the USA. It is a shame because the GTmOnaro was a better Camaro than the Camaro relaunched in 2010 and we only have our fickle buying habits to blame. Find this 2006 Pontiac GTO offered for $16,500 in Lafayette, LA via craigslist. Tip from RamJet.