Classic Car Fire Sale: 70s Vista Cruiser, 71 Ranchero, 62 Jag MkX, etc


I really hate to be a classic car vulture, but when I see an advertisement like this next one, I feel a tingle on the back of my featherless head. All of these cars are offered for basic sub $7k asking prices and all seem to be not more than a good weekend of wrenching away from driving home. Because that is the dream — fly in to buy a car for cheap in a distant town, fix it on the side of the road and drive it home. Find this collection of “Antique Car sell offs” for $3700-to-$6900, 70s Vista Cruiser, 71 Ranchero, 62 Jaguar MkX, 87 BMW 325, 86 Corvette, 71 Checker Marathon, in Emeryville, CA via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.