Needs Some Smoggin: 1979 Porsche 928 LT1 Swap


I’m not one to perpetuate the rumor that the M28 V8 in the Porsche 928 isn’t a good motor…because it was for 1978 a phenomenal piece of technology. Think of what was in the average American car in 1978…or even what was in the Corvette — some lump of carburetted iron that barely pushed 150 horsepower to the pavement with 1950s technology, and here was this overhead cam equipped alloy block that pushed out 219 horsepower in North American neutered spec. Despite this…I find myself compelled to feature this next car because it has an engine upgrade that will make it faster and more efficient…and the asking price is good. Find this 1979 Porsche 928 with LT1 swap offered for $5000 in Hacienda Heights, CA via craigslist.