LS4 V8 Equipped: 2008 Buick LaCross Super


This next feature is a massive shout out to all the people who didn’t fit into the mainstream narrative. Yes. All the oddballs, all the weirdos, the innovators, because life is too short to NOT drive a Buick that looks like a Kia. But the LaCross Super is more than just another front-wheel-drive luxury machine from Buick whose buyers were migrating toToyota Avalons…because the Super means something. The Super on the back means this is the second fastest Buick ever built (the fastest is still the turbocharged GNX)…just let that sink in for a second…this is faster than the rear-drive Buicks with big engines from the 60s or the 90s or the modern all-wheel-drive junk that passes for a Buick in 2020…and this screwy LS4 equipped corporate cousin to the Pontiac Grand Prix GXP is equally at home at the drag strip or parked in a handicap space at HomeTown Buffet (they may have declared bankruptcy in the year of Covid…ugg). So drive this thing for a few hundred thousand stress free miles before someone scraps it to put the V8 into a Fiero. Find this 2008 Buick LaCross Super offered for $6990 in Milwaukee, WI via craigslist.