Kurtis Style Kustom: 1961 Custom Replica


This next car comes as a tip from Hugh who also provides some commentary: This thing just looks like so much fun. Looks like the builder had at least seen a Kurtis roadster. Look at that beam axle. Seems that the seller picked it up at this auction. There are a couple of vacuum cleaner patents listed to a Leo G. Krieger who worked for whirlpool in Benton Harbor, MI. So maybe this was a hobby project for an engineer at Whirlpool? I can’t find anything else about it, and just don’t have the resources to acquire and keep this thing but it looks like fun and I am sure has some sort of interesting story. You could probably get invited to some old car events with this thing on the cheap. Personally, I love the combination of biasply tires and finned drum brakes on something powered by a small block Chevy and sporting Batman seat piping plus tail fins. Win, win, win. Those little exhaust pipes should make the perfect hotrod brap-brap-brap sounds as you do limitless burnouts to impress your neighbors. Find this 1961 Custom Replica bidding for $8,850 in Granger, IN via ebay.