Iranian Hillman Hunter: 1972 Paykan Javanan


Back in 1967 a guy named Mohammad Reza Pahlavi took the title of Shahanshah or King of Kings in the country we today call Iran. This was the era of the Shah, before the 1979 revolution, and Iran had close relations with the West. It was the also the same year that a company called Iran Khodro started assembling something they called the Paykan in the form of complete known down kits from Rootes Group in the UK. Rootes shipped completely disassembled Hillman Hunters to Iran Khodro, which assembled these cars and slapped on some Paykan badges and snazzy flying carpet floormats. I’ve never seen one offered for sale before, so that explains why it costs roughly 5-times what you’d expect to pay for a Hillman Hunter. Find this 1972 Paykan Javanan offered for $26,000 in Glendale, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!