Confused Suburbanites: 2005 Lexus GX470


In 2002 Toyota introduced a medium-sized SUV to their North American product line — but they sold in through their Lexus dealers and called it the GX470. Internationally you would call the big ladder-frame 2-speed transfer box equipped 4X4 a Land Cruiser Prado, but here it was called the GX470. So upper class housewives from wealthy neighborhoods purchased them in bland colors and drove the kids to soccer camp. What they didn’t expect was to get 14 mpg driving around the city or that they’d need to plan for stopping/turning maneuvers. I seriously doubt that many of the original owners of these things ever took them off road, but now that they are approached the value of a cheap used car…it’s time to go mudding with your GX. Find this 2005 Lexus GX470 offered for $15,900 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.