Toy BMW: 1962 Glas Goggomobil T400


The Goggomobil was a microcar built by Hans Glas GmbH out of Bavarian town of Dingolfing with an aircooled V-twin mounted out back. If Dingolfing rings a bell, it’s because BMW acquired the substantial Glas factory (and the patent for belt driven overhead cam engine) located in that city. Today, production of BMW’s cars in Dingolfing is huge with a plant that employs 13,000 workers to assemble 1600 BMWs (and Rolls-Royce bodies) per day. Anyway, I still can’t imagine how the seller of this next car was able to occupy not one, but two, parking spots with the little Gogo. Find this 1962 Glas Goggomobil T400 offered for $9800 plus shipping from Spain via ebay. Tip from Hugh.