Judge Dredd Movie Car: 1976 Land Rover 101FC


The 1995 Judge Dredd blockbuster movie was both terrible and great all in the same action cam shot. It had all the recipe for greatness, Sly the Stallone, a young Diane Lane, badguy Armand Assante, and funnyman Rob Schneider…but where it fell apart was design choice for future 2205AD vehicles. Yes, the flying motorcycles were cool, but it didn’t have the future-chic style of cars in films like The Fifth Element (or Demolition Man) or the dirty machines of the various Mad Max movies…but it did have one cool vehicle, a people transporter that looks like a transformer. And now you can own one. Find this 1976 Land Rover 101FC offered for $25,000 in Dallas, TX via craigslist.