Only In Florida: 02 Caravan El Camino, Excalibur, and 51 Ford Ranchero


A Dodge Caravan El Camino, an Excalibur and a ’51 Ford Ranchero walk into a bar. The bartender says…I picked the wrong week to stop huffing paint. Wow. Tipper Matt C (who found this by searching for who knows what) put a crisp summary of the seller’s faceplace marketbork listing here: A Dodge Caravan pickup conversion for $9000, looks fairly well done. A ’51 Ford also converted to a pickup for $12000, looks like more of a hack job. And wait, there’s also an Excalibur kit car for $13000, looking like a prewar Mercedes that has put on a considerable amount of weight and been stuffed full of seriously downmarket interior. In other words, like a typical Excalibur.