Unlikely Hero: 2000 Toyota Corolla


At first glance this next car might seem out of place on these pages dedicated to automotive ebullience. But believe me, when I assure you it does belong between a Fiberfab Aztec and a Double-Double-Ranchero-Ranchero. A vast plurality of the eighth generation E110 (1995-2000) Toyota Corollas were sold with a penalty box autotragic transmission and subsequently ridden hard and put away bloody by their owners…but not this one. This one has a 5 speed shift-it-yourself manual gearbox, decent cloth seats, a not-too-shabby exterior, and roll-it-yourself manual windows. It shockingly meets 8 of the 10 things i need in a car in 2020, and a Canadian spec speedo/odometer in kilometers. I love it. Find this 2000 Toyota Corolla offered for $2800 in Campbell, CA via craigslist.