Half A Million Bucks of Depreciation: 1993 Bentley Continental R


The Bentley Continental R released in 1991 was the first machine from Bentley to not share a body with a Rolls Royce since the ’65 Series III Continental and it was comically expensive. The gargantuan 2-door sedan sold for something in the range of $272,000 in 1991, which is $519,500 in today’s money. It has now depreciated over $500k in today’s money, so it has likely cost the various owners $500k in depreciation, $80k in maintenance (wag), and $19k in gasoline (85k miles at 10 mpg, $2.25/gal). That adds up to $7 per mile over the last 30 years. Or, more than 3x the cost of uber ($2/mile) and still MORE than double the cost of NYC taxi ($3.50/mile). Only London (£8/mile) has more expensive cab fees than driving a Bentley Continental R. Find this 1993 Bentley Continental R offered for $19,000 in Heber Springs, AR via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!