CAT 1160 V8 Powered: 1975 Chevrolet C30 Custom


A few months ago we had a fun time watching a lucky DT reader buy Hugh’s old Cummins powered Dodge farm truck for a few bones. This next truck is a Chevy that is equally dilapidated, but has an interesting engine swap. You could get a C/K truck in the 70s with a diesel, but it was the terrible Oldsmobile V8 diesel, not a proper commercial diesel. However, it appears that somebody shoved a CAT 1160 (which is an older version of Caterpillar’s 3208) Diesel V8 under the hood of this next hulk of metal and wood. Find this 1975 Chevrolet C30 Custom offered for $3000 in Fallbrook, CA via craigslist.